Bridget AbernethyFormer Executive Director of Project Crimson

    Bridget grew up in Wellington surrounded by native bush, some of which had survived a local burn-off in the late 1860s. “In our back garden the old pukatea and kahikatea, rimu and tanekaha, tawa and mahoe had made their home over a century before we arrived. I can still recall the sound of our resident kereru and tui getting drunk on the karaka berries. From an early age we learnt the value of New Zealand’s indigenous trees” says Bridget.

    Bridget studied a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, and a Master of Arts at Victoria University in Wellington, and then travelled and worked in the US and the UK. She returned to New Zealand to work for a Cabinet Minister in Parliament. This was followed by a period in an international PR agency working primarily for adidas International to leverage their sponsorship of the All Blacks at the Rugby World Cup in the UK.

    A move to Auckland to take a role with Carter Holt Harvey in 2000 as General Manager of Corporate Communications was where Bridget first got involved with Project Crimson, with Carter Holt Harvey then the principal sponsor of Project Crimson.

    Bridget eventually moved back to Wellington and took up the role as Executive Director for Project Crimson.  “Having had the opportunity to work for Project Crimson was a great personal achievement for me. For all the exciting career opportunities I have had in my life, Project Crimson was one of the most exciting. Here, with the help of many others, I was able to make a contribution to future generations by ensuring New Zealanders and visitors to our country understood the cultural, ecological and aesthetic value of our indigenous trees, specifically the pohutukawa and rata. It was with very mixed emotions that I resigned from my role at Project Crimson as Executive Director to return to a corporate executive role but I am honoured to still be involved in Project Crimson as a Trustee.”