Graci Kim CribbensDiplomat and Youth Advocate

    Graci Kim Cribbens became a trustee of Project Crimson in late 2017. She is a Kowi (Korean-Kiwi) raised in West Auckland. She is a diplomat and writer, working for the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade by day, and writing novels for young adults by night. She is also the creator of – a literacy resource that sends the first chapter of a new, curated Young Adult novel to subscribers’ inboxes every two weeks.

    It was only when Graci’s job took her abroad that she truly learned to appreciate the uniqueness of New Zealand’s native trees. Of all the postcard images of home, it was always the brilliant red flowers of the Kiwi Christmas tree looking over the cliffs onto our beaches that wheeled out the nostalgia in full force. She is honoured to be part of the Project Crimson family, and is excited to share the pride of our native trees with our young and diverse communities in New Zealand.

    In addition to Graci’s decade of experience working in government, she has also been the host of an online cooking show that broadcast on the Food Channel to reach almost a million viewers in its first year; has run two start-ups in the creative/tech space; and has co-founded two not-for-profit organisations. She speaks English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and basic French; and lives with her husband in West Auckland.