Paul PopeOtago Regional Advisor

Paul Pope lives and works from the beautiful Otago Peninsula near Dunedin, where he has lived for the last 25 years. He has extensive experience as an ecologist and is a seasoned land restoration practitioner with nearly 30 years’ experience.

Before establishing his own consultancy firm Spiralis Ltd in 2004, Paul had considerable experience working in local government. He has run countless planting and habitat enhancement projects with prison inmates, schools, volunteers, tourists, farmers and community groups, which at last count had planted 26,000 native trees in the Dunedin area.

Paul is also President of the Dunedin Amenities Society, New Zealand’s oldest conservation organisation that was founded in 1888. The Society’s co-founder Alexander Bathgate established Arbor Day as a national day in 1892. When he’s not organising people to do things, Paul is also Chairman of the Otago Peninsula Community Board which has a governance role over community issues, tourism and the environment.

Like all born and bred Otago people Paul has the blue and yellow of the Highlanders running through his veins.

Phone: 027 466 8446