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Project Crimson has enabled the planting of millions of native trees since it was established in 1990 and has played a major role in turning around the health of rātā and pōhutukawa.

Why Project Crimson?

Project Crimson is a non-profit, registered charitable Trust.  Not only have we have brought pōhutukawa back from the brink of extinction, we have raised funds that have planted more than a million native trees and worked with tens of thousands of New Zealanders to protect and renew native trees.

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  • Occasionally Paypal (where donations are sent to on our site) declines a donation even though you enter the details correctly. If this happens to you and you’d like to donate by credit card please get in touch and we can help you donate directly through our Trees That Count programme
  • If you would prefer to make a donation directly into our bank account please contact us
  • If you’re wanting to gift or donate a native tree and would like a gift certificate sent (e-mail only), please visit our programme Trees That Count
  • You could consider becoming a regular donor, or gift to Project Crimson through payroll giving. To make a regular donation to Project Crimson please email us and we will provide you with bank account details and an annual tax receipt

A Partnership with Project Crimson

Project Crimson is one of New Zealand’s preeminent, most enduring and recognised conservation charities. We work to protect New Zealand’s unique native ecosystems and educate New Zealanders of their importance. We have over thirty years of successful experience behind us.

Not only have we brought coastal pōhutukawa back from its threatened status, we have enabled the planting of more than a million native trees across the country and worked with tens of thousands of New Zealanders to protect and renew native tree species.

Project Crimson is in the business of planting trees for future generations. Our bottom line is clear — more native trees are good for New Zealand. Our model, which has been successful for 30 years, relies upon good partners. We define a “good partner” as one who believes in our work and who backs us to deliver on our mission.

If your organisation fits this brief we can offer you an unparalleled opportunity to be a part of Project Crimson and our next chapter of conservation work.

Join with us and help renew New Zealand’s coastlines and forests with iconic species that are unique to New Zealand and which form part of the legacy that we leave for our grandchildren, and their grandchildren.

For more information please contact our Head of Marketing and Partnerships, Melanie Seyfort

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