Dr David BerginTechnical Advisor, Ecological Restoration

    Dr David Bergin is a director and principal of Environmental Restoration Ltd. based in Rotorua. His professional interests include ecological restoration and management of coastal sand dunes, riparian areas, and the sustainable management of regenerating native forest.

    David has been very successful at collaboration and communication with land managing agencies and special interest groups including Coast Care, Landcare Trust, Project Crimson, a number of Maori Trusts, Trimble Foundation and Tane’s Tree Trust. He has developed practical guidelines for the rehabilitation of natural vegetation and sustainable management of culturally significant plants. This has included promoting the establishment of native trees for a range of benefits including wood production.

    David has produced some outstanding publications on a range of important native tree species including kauri, totara and pohutukawa (his pohutukawa publication is available from the Project Crimson website here). He is a Trustee of Tane’s Tree Trust, the Dune Restoration Trust, a technical adviser to the Kauri 2000 trust in Coromandel and a founding member of the Northland Totara Working Group.