Sarah RothTechnical Advisor

    Sarah is an experienced generalist ecologist. Her Masters in Marine Science started Sarah down the path of botany, initially with saltwater and freshwater algae. She then jumped ship into terrestrial plants, particularly forest species.

    Working in Auckland for 7 years, first with Auckland Council’s RIMU (Research, Investigations and Monitoring Unit) team and then as a consultant ecologist at Wildland Ecological Consultants, Sarah has become familiar with the nuances of New Zealand’s unique ecology in the face of urban development. Sarah has written countless reports to satisfy the Resource Management Act, including numerous Assessments of Ecological Effects and Ecological Management Plans, contributing to the best possible outcomes for our flora and fauna while also relieving the well-known Auckland housing crisis. Through that process, Sarah witnessed first-hand the restoration of urban streams and the return of bird song to otherwise exotic-dominated, erosion-prone riparian areas.

    In Taranaki, Sarah and her young family own a 5-acre life-style block that is on its way to hosting a diverse range of indigenous flora within a multi-tiered forest ecosystem. Her goal is to continue to contribute to the reforestation and re-introduction of indigenous flora and fauna for our children and grandchildren to enjoy, without compromising the needs and comforts of a growing population.

    Sarah’s time to relax is consumed by enjoying her young family, usually in nature. Digging into the earth and growing vegetables, surfing along Taranaki’s stunning coastline, or tramping up Mt Taranaki are a few of her favourite pastimes.

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