Project Crimson welcomes Nikki Bloomfield to Trust as Deputy-Chair


Wellington lawyer, Nikki Bloomfield, has been appointed as Deputy-Chair to national conservation charity, the Project Crimson Trust.

Nikki has held a number of senior corporate legal roles, mainly in the energy sector and is currently a consultant with legal services firm Lawyers on Demand.  She brings a wealth of commercial accumen to Project Crimson, in a time of rapid growth for the Trust.

A sense of justice is what motivated Nikki to study law. “I always thought that this would just apply to people, but with New Zealand’s biodiversity on its knees, it turns out I can help fight for justice for our flora and fauna too,” says Nikki.

“It’s a real privilege to join the trust of Project Crimson.  I’ve been an enthusiastic supporter of the work of the Trust for many years.  I’m particularly interested in how I can help the Trust grow to meet the demands of its ambitious climate change programme, Trees That Count.  There’s nothing like that in New Zealand, so there’s a great challenge to scale that programme up as a powerful impact venture.

“The facts are no longer disputable that climate change has landed in our country, and unless we take action now we’re going to lose something precious that affirms us all as New Zealanders.  I’m thrilled to be able to help with a programme that is using some of the best technology we have available to address climate change and the threats facing our biodiversity — our very own native trees.”

Nikki is also a founding trustee of Cultivate – a mentoring programme which supports early career women to navigate the modern work place, in particular the structures that make it harder for women to access equal opportunities and equal pay.

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