TREEmendous first sprung from the ground in 2008 as a partnership between Project Crimson and the Mazda Foundation, to inspire and support environmental education in schools.

From 2008-2020, Project Crimson was proud to work alongside Mazda, to help 53 schools, from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South, create amazing native gardens and outdoor classrooms.

A staggering 39,000 native plants and trees were planted during the TREEmendous makeovers, by close to 7000 passionate volunteers from schools, families and their surrounding communities.

Four New Zealand schools were chosen each year to have an area of their grounds turned into an outdoor classroom, to the value of  $10,000.

Some of the school transformations included lizard gardens, native tree planting, places for outdoor learning, bird habitats and much more. Such is the success of TREEmendous that it was a finalist in the 2015 and 2017 Green Ribbon Awards.

From 2021, the Mazda Foundation and TREEmendous will continue to inspire young New Zealanders to care about the environment through a new education programme focused on our fabulous biodiversity. Ruud ‘the Bugman’ Kleinpaste will work directly with teachers to identify how they can use the environment as a context for Education – helping make it an immersive part of the curriculum.

Visit TREEmendous to find out more about the new education programme and how your school can get involved from 2021. 

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